Chimp Cop is one of Australia's most exciting sketch comedy groups. Their short live sets are always hilarious, their full length festival shows are amongst the best-reviewed and most popular every year and their first video has already amassed over 10,000 views.

Chimp Cop is made up of four of Melbourne's most exciting comedic talents - Adam Knox won the national Class Clowns competition and featured in the RAW Comedy National Grand Final, Timothy Clark has performed to acclaim in many group festival shows, Rosie Vernel is a lauded actor and has guested on a wide variety of shows, and Ben Vernel is a talented writer and performer who co-hosts one of Australia's most popular comedy podcasts.

A live set from Chimp Cop is always unpredictable, memorable and hilarious, and their festival shows have been described as "an invigorating blast of knockabout silliness that fires out joyous gags like a confetti cannon." (Chortle UK). 

Praise For Chimp Cop:

"A gag-a-minute roller coaster ride with a plot twist that Hollywood would be proud of." 4 1/2 STARS - WeKnowMelbourne

"Their dynamic is unshakably funny." - Pop Culture-y

"“Chimp Cop was easily in my top 3 shows last year, this year Chimp Cop Nights might be my absolute favourite.” 5 STARS - Funny Tonne

“If you want to laugh ‘til it hurts, go to this show.” - West Australian

“Chimp Cop is pure fun, the kind of ridiculous sketch comedy you want to add to your already bulging comedy festival experience.” - The Creative Issue

“The opening gambit of Forever is a mini-masterpiece, revolving around a brilliantly unexpected joke and leading into a title sequence full of low-budget invention.” - Chortle UK

“The gags in The Death of Chimp Cop range from the bizarre, to the intelligent all the way to the wilfully awful – it is the combination of the three that leaves the audience begging for more by the end of the performance.” - Squirrel Comedy

“It’s silly, it’s fun, and … there are some brilliant sketch moments, including one of the funniest I have seen in the festival this year.” - The Plus Ones

“The best show I’ve seen so far (indeed, I’ve seen it twice).” - Web Wombat

“Whether following the format or simply breaking it down to rebuild it into something a little sillier, this is one of the must see acts of this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.” - The AU Review