chimp cop nights (2016)

"No one said it couldn't be done. They did it anyway."

Sketch comedy group Chimp Cop, the team behind 2015's Chimp Cop, bring you Chimp Cop Nights. A hilarious genre mash-up, Chimp Cop Nights sees a couple of private investigators drawn into a world of intrigue. Last year's show was called "one of the must-see shows of this year's Comedy Festival" - make sure you don't miss Chimp Cop Nights!


"Some wonderfully dumb misdirection achieves the most consistent laughs along with creative wordplay and nods to the lack of special effects, while accompanying footage is impressively rendered to look genuinely retro." - Herald Sun

"It’s low budget comedy at its finest; Tim is Chimp Cop, Rosie is Rachel, leaving Adam and Ben a lion’s share of the work as everyone else, but boy do they pull it off! " - Pop Culture-y

"‘Chimp Cop Nights’ is a gritty and silly mash-up police comedy. It will have you second-guessing what you’re seeing and laughing out loud, sometimes along with the performers as they smash the fourth wall to pieces." - The Plus Ones

"This exuberant hour is an invigorating blast of knockabout silliness that fires out joyous gags like a confetti cannon. " - Steve Bennett, Chortle