chimp cop forever (2017)

"I've got to take down my dad... Criminal Cop!"

Adam Knox, Ben Vernel, Rosie Vernel and Timothy Clark return in Chimp Cop Forever, a sketch comedy spectacle featuring buffoonish crime-fighter Chimp Cop in another tale of intrigue – this time, one that spans generations. 


"Chimp Cop is very clever in its ability to appear very un-clever. It's a brilliant homage for those who know the parodies, and an even better tribute for those who grew up on the real thing." - The Music

"At their very best, the Chimp Cop team could give the Naked Gun franchise  a run for its money with the amount of silly jokes, visual gags and non sequiturs they cram into their work." - Steve Bennett, Chortle

"It’s a joyous thing to watch Clark, Knox and the Vernels perform together. The four have great stage chemistry, setting each other up for laughs, bouncing off of each other." - Pop-Culture-y

"Chimp Cop Forever is the best kind of late-night festival fun. It had the audience doubled over with laughter, and continues Chimp Cop’s record of producing fabulous comedy." - Squirrel Comedy