chimp cop (2015)

"50% Chimp. 50% Chimp Cop. 100% Chimp Cop"

A mysterious break-in at the office of a reclusive CEO. A police force under pressure. A rookie, a partner, and a hero.


"Chimp Cop is pure fun, the kind of ridiculous sketch comedy you want to add to your already bulging comedy festival experience." - The Creative Issue

"It's silly, it's fun, and everybody in that room, players and audience alike, knows it and has a blast. To top it off, there are some brilliant sketch moments, including one of the funniest I have seen in the festival this year. " - The Plus Ones

"It’s the kind of unhinged madness that you want in late-night comedy." - Squirrel Comedy

"The chemistry of the cast is undeniable, a collective of four of the brightest and most active in Melbourne’s booming comedy scene year round, the quartet have managed to build something that’s been lauded by fellow comics and punters alike." - The AU Review